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May 3, 2010

Snorkeling in paradise on Paul Gauguin cruise

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Views today were even prettier than the day before, though yesterday I would not have thought that possible. Cruising in Tahiti is truly amazing.

The Paul Gauguin cruise ship actually didn’t move very far. We overnighted in Raiatea, the second largest of the Society Islands in French Polynesia, and then within the same barrier reef, cruised this morning to Taha’a, a tranquil, mostly undeveloped place where people fish, raise livestock, grow vanilla and, occasionally cater to tourists (long ago the thing here was firewalking but that’s rare today).


Two Polynesian fellows took about a dozen of us passengers from the ship out in a small, open boat for about 15 minutes to an uninhabited islet so we could explore an underwater coral “garden.” The excursion ($129) was billed as being for experienced snorkelers and was challenging only in that you needed to avoid the coral in very shallow water, maneuvering in a mild current. Minimal effort and well worth it. And I say this even though I did manage to get my knee slightly rubbed on coral early in the trek, and have a few itchy dots to prove it (I fought the coral and the coral won).

The multi-colored corals themselves were spectacular – purple, blue, orange. And I saw yellow fish and tiny blue ones, black fish and some with multiple colors (sorry fish folks, I am not a pro). None were bigger than you’d find in a fancy (more…)

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