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April 8, 2010

Oo la la, French dining on Disney Dream

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When the new Disney Dream debuts early next year, one onboard restaurant will have a decisively French accent.

Remy, a nod to the diminutive star of Disney Pixar’s “Ratatouille,” will be an adults-only venue, with a cover charge (not yet determined but likely to top $75 p.p.). And you know what? Based on a sample meal prepared for couple dozen members of the press last night, it just may become the ship’s must-do attraction (well, along with the water coaster Dream is debuting for the first time at sea).

In creating the set menu, the cruise line turned to two top chefs. Impressively, Disney (more…)

November 11, 2009

Disney Cruise Line and Mickey on the streets of New York

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Dr Oz

Sailor Mickey will hit the streets of New York this Thanksgiving, or more precisely, fly above, during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. His appearance is a promotion for Disney Cruise Line - making its debut in the parade this year – just as it opens bookings for its new ship, Disney Dream (which debuts in January 2011, and boasts the first water coaster at sea).

Mickey will be some 61 feet tall, 33 feet wide and 48 feet long, and dressed in red shorts, a nautical blazer and yellow shoes. He’ll also sport a sailor’s cap above his prominent ears. Mickey will be perched on a giant ship anchor, and some 70 volunteer handlers will guide him down the parade route.

This year’s parade can be seen on TV on Nov. 26 (unless you happen to be in the Big Apple to see it live).

Of course, Disney being Disney, you can also buy a plush version of Sailor Mickey at Macy’s stores and online. If you miss the parade this year, Sailor Mickey will also be back in 200 and 2011.

And BTW, Mickey last appeared in the parade as Bandleader Mickey back in 2000.

October 30, 2009

Disney’s Dream cruise ship includes a roller coaster

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“Awesome,” “Amazing,” “Yippee,” “Wow.” That’s me, hopefully, in 2011, after Disney debuts the first water roller coaster at sea on its Disney Dream, currently under construction in Germany.

The coaster, which will use basically the same technology as Master Blaster at Typhoon Lagoon,” is 2 1/2 football fields long and four decks high and will actually loop out over the ocean, so that the sea will be some 150 feet below. Talk about a rush. High-powered water jets will accelerate rides on the AquaDuck upward and forward at a surging speed of about 20 feet per second.

Cruise executives have joked for years that a roller coaster would some day appear on a cruise ship. But Disney is actually doing it on this 3,000-passenger ship. Because they’re Disney and they can.


And that’s just one of the innovations on a ship that will also feature innovative inside cabins with portholes showing a live video feed of the ocean – so you can see the waves even in the cheapest cabins on the ship.

Since the Disney Dream does not debut until January 26, 2011, there’s no pricing yet and you can’t book passage yet. But it has been disclosed the ship will offer cruises from Port Canaveral (near Orlando).

Stay tuned for more details.

October 29, 2009

Oasis arrives and Disney Dreams

Last night I dreamed about being on a cruise ship with the Pirates of the Caribbean (my favorite ride at Walt Disney World). No, I do not ordinarily dream about Disney (though I will confess to some dreaming about pirates, aye aye captain). But today I head to New York to hear what Disney Cruise Line has in store for its two new cruise ships, the first of which, the Disney Dream, is under construction at Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany, and due to debut in 2011.

Because we’re talking Disney, there are rumors of course – like that the ships will boast a huge amount of space both indoors and outdoors dedicated to kids. Whether that’s true and what will be in that space (grass? rides? pirates?) is top secret.

Meanwhile, the world’s largest by far cruise ship Oasis of the Seas was officially delivered to Royal Caribbean yesterday in Finland. That means the final payment of the $1.9 billion was made, and the ship is soon to head across the Atlantic for its official debut in Miami on Nov. 20. And yes, I plan to be in Miami too getting a first look.

The Oasis is bigger than a bread basket – in fact as big as an aircraft carrier – with 220,000 tons of space to explore along with the 5,400 other passengers.

I’m packing heels for New York and Disney. For Oasis, I think I’ll bring sneakers.

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